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Dear Diane,

I have appreciated throughout the process your assistance and attention. I have used recruiters several times in the past. Most, I did not feel had my best interest at heart. I know that you are in business to make deals, but I grew to feel that I could truly trust you. You listened and considered my needs as well as your client's. I have been impressed on how you have addressed this process.

I came out of the process thinking quite highly of you, and if ever there is a need, I will not hesitate to use your services in the future. I really appreciate your honesty and hope that I provided the same along the process. 


Sr. Engineering Manager

One of the World's Top Ten Automotive Suppliers


Dear Ray,

It was great talking with you yesterday. I greatly appreciate your insight and direction as to opportunities in the Chicago market. As we discussed yesterday, I would like to take a dual approach to my career advancement. I will make sure to speak with you frequently regarding some of my findings and look to you for some additional direction.

      Thanks Again,
      Director of Marketing
      Major Medical Device Company

Dear Ray,

It was a pleasure speaking with you again this evening. Regardless of how this all turns out, I hope that perhaps you have gained something in our conversations. I hope I haven't given you the impression of arrogance in any way. I only know that analytical testing using sophisticated instruments is not simple. Those methods, which are usually turnkey, are often flawed in unexpected ways. Perhaps, if I cannot move your client in the right direction, then there may be other opportunities to work together. Maybe in the capacity of helping me find the right individuals. Heck, you are certainly going to understand this field. But for now, I will state what I believe the right thing to do is. Please know I was honest in our discussions and that I tried to give the most balanced perspective I could. And good luck to both of us as we try to move mountains to help newborns and even change a bit of health care in this country.

      Talk to you again soon I am sure,
      Research Ph.D.

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Jeff Hudson

Experience: Jeff is a highly motivated and talented recruiter in the healthcare informatics arena. After graduating from the College of Charleston with a bachelor's degree in Psychology, Jeff followed his passion for adventure and enjoyed a successful career as a professional sport fisherman. With a full passport and multiple tournament wins under his belt, Jeff began searching for a new career. "I was looking for a career that could both feed my competitive nature and my desire to help people. When the opportunity came along to showcase my talents at such a tenured medical recruiting office, I had to take advantage of it." When he is not playing match-maker for clients and candidates, Jeff continues his passion for fishing by participating in numerous competitions every year. Jeff brings a sense of excitement and positive energy wherever he may be.

Philosophy: The ultimate goal is to match outstanding candidates with exceptional employers. Our respected partnerships with our candidates and our clients allow us to gain an in depth understanding that leads us to exceed expectations and provide an opportunity for all parties to prosper.

Expertise: Healthcare Informatics positions including: C-level Executives, Management, Hospital Support Services, Information Security Services, Revenue Cycle Management, Electronic Medical Records and Health Information Exchange.